PointsBet Review

Promotions Score 95%
Payment Score 93%
Customer Service Score 85%
Sportsbook Score 88%
Unique PointsBetting system
Loyalty rewards for making wagers
Not a lot of available info on deposits and withdrawals

No sign up bonus but many Promotions


Launched in 2018

Email – [email protected], Telephone – (833) 338-PBET


  • Deposit and withdrawal from Visa, Mastercard and online banking
  • No fees charged for deposit methods
  • $5 minimum deposit for any method


  • Unique wager offerings
  • Lines available on plethora of sports
  • Live Betting and mobile betting available

Customer Service

  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • 24/7 online support via live chat on the website

Deposit Methods

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Online banking

PointsBet is an Australian bookmaker that made its way to the United States market only recently. In December 2018, the company was given the go by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to operate in the Garden State. PointsBet partnered with the Meadowlands Racetrack so that it could offer an online sportsbook in the state.

PointsBet offers all the normal sports wagers that other sportsbooks do, but they also offer a unique twist called spread betting, modeled after the stock market’s financial spread bets. Basically, you are rewarded for getting your wager correct as close to the final outcome as possible.

Read on to get the full details on PointsBets’ sportsbook, banking options, bonuses, and customer service.


PointsBet isn’t currently offering any Sign Up bonuses. However, they do offer a bunch of ongoing promotions and bonuses.

Additional Sports Betting Promos

PointsBet offers a running list of ongoing promotions. These promos are listed in the main menu of the site and are updated according to the season.

One of the common promotions PointsBet runs is an early payout. For example, right now, the site is offering an NBA Playoffs Promo that will give you an early payout if your team is leading after the third quarter. If you place a MoneyLine Bet on an NBA Playoff game and your team is winning after three quarters, PointsBet will instantly pay you out the first $100 of your wager.

The site is running a similar promotion for the NHL Playoffs. On your first MoneyLine wager, if your team leads by two goals at any point, they’ll pay you out early up to the first $200 wagered.

This is a unique feature that PointsBet offers as well. If you think of a wager that isn’t offered on the site, you just have to tweet them @PointsBetUSA with the hashtag #nameabet, and they will put a price on it and accept your wager. For example, if you think the Golden State Warriors will win their upcoming game by 4 points in overtime, you can ask PointsBet to price it, and if they do, you can place a wager on it.


One of the disappointing aspects of PointsBet is they provide very minimal information about deposit and withdrawal policies on their site. They clearly lay out that they accept deposits in the form of Visa, MasterCard and online banking, and their Terms and Conditions lays out that they will allow withdrawals to those payment forms as well, but it’s hard to find any additional information such as processing time.

Deposit Options

PointsBet offers three deposit options – Visa, Mastercard or online banking.

With credit and debit cards, there is a $5 minimum deposit and $50,000 maximum. For ACH transactions straight from your bank, there is a $50,000 limit per transaction. One thing to keep in mind is that your bank or the bank that issues your credit cards may decide to reject the deposit per their policies against online gambling of any form.

To get the best information on your deposits and withdrawals, it would be best to do a Live Chat with a representative.

PointsBet says it will not charge any fees for credit card deposits or withdrawals, which is nice. They say they reserve the right to place deposit limits on players, but they don’t outline why they might do so. They also offer a feature that allows you to place a deposit limit on yourself. It’s called a pre-commitment limit that you set that restricts how much you can deposit into your account by day, week and/or month.

Withdrawal Methods & Payout Times

PointsBet offers quick payout times to the same methods that they allow deposits. Players can request withdrawals to be made to either the Visa, Mastercard or online banking options they used to make a deposit.

PointsBet says that withdrawals may take up to five working days to process, but that typically, withdrawals are expected to be processed within 24 hours of when they are initiated.

Pointsbet Sportsbook

PointsBet’s Sportsbook

PointsBet offers a plethora of choices when it comes to wagers available on their site. They offer betting on almost any sport you could want, including:
• Football
• Soccer
• Basketball
• Baseball
• Boxing
• Golf
• Hockey
• Tennis
• Aussie Rules
• Motor Racing
• Cricket
• Cycling
• Darts
• Rugby Union
While PointsBet doesn’t explicitly list wagering limits, they are known in Australia for accepting large wagers on games, even from players who are known to be “sharp” bettors. They even recently announced a “Game Day Guarantee” where they will allow players to bet amounts that would win up to $10,000 on all the main betting markets on the major U.S. sports. The company said it will keep this guarantee in place through at least until the end of the 2020 NFL season.

Line Selection

PointsBet offers a wife variety of lines on a number of different sports and a number of different wagers for each of these sports.

They offer both normal against-the-spread and moneyline bets on all of the sports above as well as their PointsBetting option as well. The company said they were hoping to offer the most options around when they launched, and it looks like they may have fulfilled that promise. For some games, PointsBet offers more than 200 different betting options in just one game.

PointsBet offers all the normal sports wagers that any other top sportsbook do, but they also offer a unique twist called spread betting, modeled after the stock market’s financial spread bets. Basically, you are rewarded for getting your wager correct as close to the final outcome as possible.

Betting on Other Markets

PointsBet has a section on their site dedicated to the “Entertainment” market. Currently, there are no events that are offered in the Entertainment market, but one would assume that it would include wager offerings on events such as the Oscar’s, Emmy’s, Grammy’s and other popular entertainment events.

Betting Limits

For those who take handicapping and wagering seriously, nothing is more frustrating than taking time to find a game where you possess an edge, only to have your sportsbook restrict your bet to a fraction of your bankroll.

What’s nice about PointsBet is that they have publicly stated that they will accept those higher limit bets, as laid out above, and that they guarantee the program will be in place through at least the end of the 2020 NFL season. This is great for the serious bettors who want to wager more than the average Joe would.

Live Betting

One of the newer offerings at sportsbooks around the country is live betting, sometimes also known as in-game betting, and PointsBet offers this feature.

How it works is that, instead of placing a wager before the game starts, you instead place a wager while the game is already in play. PointsBet will offer ever-changing odds on a game as it is going on based on the current score and situation of the game, compared to the original projected point spread and odds. Players can stay logged onto the site while a game is going on to monitor the changing Live Betting lines, and then place a wager when he feels the odds are in his favor.

At PointsBet, Live Betting is available on almost all of the games they offer wagers on.

Mobile Betting

If you place a bet using the PointsBet mobile app, you’ll still have to follow the state’s rules in regard to sports betting. That means that you must be in the state of New Jersey to place a bet, even if you have the app on your phone. Once you’re verified, though, it’s an easy experience to place a bet on the app.

PointsBet offers mobile apps for both Android and Apple devices. This is a great feature, as it covers the majority of smartphones as well as tablets that are on the market.

The PointsBet App has great functionality that rivals that of its website. It’s easy to download, sign up or sign in and do everything you’d want to do at the website, including making a deposit or withdraw and placing a wager. It’s simply to do at your fingertips with the PointsBet App.

Customer Service

PointsBet offers three options for customer support. First, they offer the traditional phone support. You can contact the Customer Service line at (833) 338-PBET at any time. They also email support through their support email, [email protected]

What’s nice about PointsBet is that they also offer a Live Chat feature on both their website and mobile apps. This allows you to connect directly with a live customer support agent while you are on the site or in the app. We like this feature the best, as it provides instant connectivity and support, without the hassle of having to place a phone call or open an email and wait for a response.

Conclusion: A Rock Solid Sportsbook

There is a lot to like about the PointsBet sportsbook. While they don’t have a lot of deposit and withdrawal options, they do feature a wide variety of lines and even their unique PointsBetting system that rewards players for getting their wagers “more right” than normal wagers.

In addition, the serious sports gamblers will like the site’s high limits and guarantee to keep those limits in place for a long time.


Promotions Score 95%
Payment Score 93%
Customer Service Score 85%
Sportsbook Score 88%

No sign up bonus but many Promotions

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