Sportsbook reviews in the US

What sportsbook has the fastest payouts, the best odds and the juiciest bonuses? Check our updated sportsbook reviews for 2019 before you make a choice. With more than 50 years of sports betting experience, we’ve placed bets at almost every sportsbook online. We’ve examined more than 200 betting sites and spent hundreds of hours at 33 of them to create reviews and the top 10 list below. Whether you’re a beginner or a sharp, we’ll break it all down for you.

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Our extensive way of rating sportsbooks

What makes a great sportsbook is whether it has the perfect combination of everything a user could ask for. First, it has to be accessible and easy to use. It has to offer a variety of sports on which to bet, and has to have a variety of betting options, too. It also must be secure, and have plenty of options for deposits and withdrawals.

The Complete Guide to U.S. Sportsbooks

When we first started out, there wasn’t information available on what a parlay bet was, let alone the extensive deposit options that are available at sportsbooks in the U.S. We put everything we know into our Ultimate Sportsbook guide, and we go in-depth into:

How to choose a sportsbook

The best sportsbook for you might not be the best sportsbook for someone else. It’s important to weigh all the options available and what’s important to you.

Get the best bonus value

Most online sportsbooks offer bonuses for new users who sign up. This is free money, so it’s key to maximize your bonus offers.

Payment Methods

The more available options you have to make deposits and withdrawals, the better. It’s also essential to know which sportsbooks have the best policies in terms of waiting times for deposits and withdrawals as well as limits.

Why Sportsbooks online must be safe

Placing wagers at online sportsbooks means your personal and financial information will be sent via the internet. That’s why it’s key to make sure that wherever you bet, you are doing so in a safe and secure environment.

Best sportsbook for live betting

Live betting is all the rage these days, where you are able to place a wager after the game has already started, with odds offered based on the current status of the game. Most sportsbooks offer this nowadays, but which ones are the best and why?

Best sportsbook for high stakes players

Most online sportsbooks have limits in place for how much you can deposit, which therefore could limit high stakes players from wagering as much as they’d like. Before you choose an online sportsbook, it’s key to figure out which one offers the limits that fit your betting needs.

Best sportsbook for fast payouts

The money you have earned in your sportsbook account is yours, and as such, you should have quick and easy access to it. We’ve reviewed each payout option for each sportsbook to let you know which ones have the fastest payouts.

Best sportsbook by sport

Most sportsbooks offer wagers on every game for the major sports, but not all of them do. And if you want to be on a lesser-known game or sport, it’ll be important that you know which sportsbooks offer the widest variety of games to bet on.

International Sports Betting Sites

Asia, Europe, Canada, the UK and Australia have some of the biggest gambling markets in the world. Don’t worry, we have not forgotten about you. We know that if you live in one of these regions, you have needs and wants in a sportsbook that may be vastly different from those of bettors in the United States.

Not only do you have different laws and legislation that govern how and where you are allowed to place bets at online sportsbooks, but you have different sports that you typically follow than the American bettor. In addition, you are more accustomed to online sportsbooks and like your information presented in slightly different ways.

To help you out in your search for an online sportsbook, our international staff has put together the best online sportsbooks that are available to you in your country or region. Click on your country, continent or region below to get into the action at the right online sportsbook for you right now.

Following the Supreme Court ruling in 2018 to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, each state in the United States can decide how it wants to govern sports betting. Currently, while most states are dealing with discussions regarding sports betting, only a few states have legalized it so far, and each state has slightly different offerings and regulations regarding sports betting.

Nevada is the longest-standing state that offers sports betting, and they offer full-fledged single-game betting and online betting. New Jersey offers very similar betting options to Nevada, including online sportsbooks. Pennsylvania legalized sports betting last year, and online sportsbooks are set to launch in the spring.

West Virginia and Rhode Island are hoping to offer online sports betting soon, and both do offer in-person sports wagering right now. Mississippi offers in-person sports betting, but their state law prohibits online sportsbooks. Delaware offers full-fledged in-person sports betting, and it is also legal to offer online sportsbooks in the state, but no providers have launched there yet.
Other states are sure to follow in the coming months and years, as well.

Online Sportsbooks or Betting elsewhere?

With sports betting legalized in more and more states in the U.S., it doesn’t make too much sense to bet anywhere else, if it is available to you in your state. The reason for this is that each state has rules and regulations in place for legal online sportsbooks that protects players – ensuring that what you are doing is legal and that your money and personal information are safe and secure.

Wagering at a legal online sportsbook is much more advisable than other options.

Betting with friends and family

The bet for bragging rights is something that will probably never go away, and it’s a fun thing to do with friends and family. However, placing real money wagers for big bucks on sports with friends and family is never really a great idea.

This could cause a huge rift between friends and family, and more than just simple arguments if someone loses a lot of money doing so.

Visiting Las Vegas or other legal states to bet live

Taking a trip to Las Vegas or another state where sports betting is legal can be a lot of fun. For years, this was one of the only legal ways to place a sports wager in the U.S.

If your state doesn’t allow sports betting yet, this might still be a great way for you to legally get in on the action. The only downside, of course, is the money you will have to spend to travel there as well as money spent on food and lodging.

Betting through an illegal bookie

This is perhaps the oldest known way that a lot of people bet on sports in the U.S. before the internet and before PASPA was overturned. With so many legal options available now, though, even if your state doesn’t offer sports betting, it’s not a good idea to do anything illegal.

Betting with an illegal bookie could not only get you into legal trouble, it could get you hurt. It’s always best to go the legal route, and it’s becoming easier than ever to do that in regard to sports betting in the U.S.